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Vendetta Vaporizer Kit (Vivant Alternate)

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Best Premium Vaporizer Under $200 (2017)

Special Launch Price for a limited time only.



Introducing the Vendetta Vaporizer Kit by WizardPuff.com

At the core is the all new, true convection Vivant Alternate Vaporizer

- An intuitive handheld device that has been meticulously crafted

to meet & exceed your most demanding vaporization expectations.

Thought Provoking Design

Featuring an effortless & fully digital experience,

you'll enjoy the convenience of real time battery life and temperature.

With a stow-away mouthpiece, twist top loading bay

& included grinder / packing tool you'll soon experience

that even the smallest details have been thought-out, perfected & finessed. 

Limitless Power

The Vivant Alternate Vaporizer

boasts the premium ability to manually swap batteries.

An incredible feature and new industry standard of premium design.

Never run out of power, ever.

Vaporization Excellence

The Vivant Alternate vaporizer is undisputedly

the best pulling device we've experienced in its class.

A true convection design allows for hot  air

to pass over your dry herb material,

gently warming and vaporizing key ingredients

while increasing efficiency and purity of flavours. 

WizardPuff's Vendetta Vaporizer Kit Includes

1 x Vivant Vaporizer & Accessories

2 X 18650 Batteries (For limitless Power)

2 x Silicon Stash Jars (Transport Convenience)

2 x Premium WizardPuff.com Decals 





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Daniel M. D.M. Daniel M.
New Favorite

I was rocking a FlowerMate Pro for 2 years till I finally lost it last month. I purchased the Vendetta because of wizardpuff's recommendations, I have been totally blown away by the performance, usability and design. Been shopping here for years and am consistently impressed by the growing product line. Vendetta hits like a dream and saves more weed than the flowermate. Love it.



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