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Ultimate Water Pipe Kit By Wizard Puff


Our Ultimate Water Pipe Kit packs a serious punch that'll leave you wanting more! The Cloud Factory Quad-Perc Water Pipe pairs up with our Ultimate Ash Catcher to achieve a super functional and highly effective aromatherapy experience. Also included is a 14/18mm Piranha Titanium Nail to give you extract flexibility! 

Water Pipe Includes:

  • 1 x Cloud Factory Quad-Perc Water Pipe1 x 
  • 14/18mm Piranha Titanium Nail
  • 1 x Ultimate Ash Catcher
  • 2 x Silicon Stash Jars (Random Color)
  • 2 x WizardPuff.com Decals

Note: The HoneyStorm Water pipe will not have WizardPuff.com Decals applied. Your kit includes 2 x Decals to place wherever you like! 

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