T-Rex Tarik Rosin Press

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T-Rex Tarik Rosin Press

How To Make Rosin Dabs and Shatter Wax at Home

"The T-Rex Rosin Press is awesome. Better yields than expected, I'm getting awesome results!"

Brendan C.

Make Solventless Concentrates with your Manual Tarik Rosin Press

You'll Save Money

Enjoy the convenience of freshly pressed concentrates whenever and in any quantity - big or small! Highly economical rosin pressing offers a flavor thats totally out of this world.

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how to make rosin dabs with manual rosin tech press machine

Highly Advanced Heating Plate Design

Ultra simple to operate and maintain - you'll enjoy seamless 3 button operation and a precision LCD Temperature Display - Dual Heating Modules ensure a precise and even heating plates while you press your buds.

You'll Enjoy Safe & Easy Use

Solventless oil extraction without butane! You'll love how easy the Tarik T-Rex Rosin Press makes shatter and rosin dab wax with it's super safe clam shell design using just the manual pressure of your hands.

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Our Top Rated Rosin Press For Sale

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T-REX Tarik Rosin Tech Press Includes:

  • 1 x Manual Rosin Press Machine
  • 1 x Power Cord
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Premium Insulated Storage / Shipping Case


  • Size 150x150x63mm
  • Input 80V-240V / AC
  • Power 200 Watt
  • Temperatures 100c - 150c
  • Weight 432g

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great little press

Works great!


a bit pricey, easy & fun to use, juicy buds a must.


All your weight

great product!

Works perfectly as described. Seems like it's pretty durable too so hopefully it will last. I'd definitely recommend this product!!!


I found out it takes some time and knowledge to find out how to get the bud properly pressed. The online and email help was excellent. They followed me along until I finally got the skills worked out. It appears the moisture content of the bud makes a lot of difference. I put mine in with some packets of Bovida for a number of days that seem to help. The online videos from YouTube or also helpful, but you just need to play with it for a while. I would use cheap bug and make sure it’s moisture content is up by putting it in a jar with the bovid packets. Best of luck it is fun