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StickyBox Pro E-Nail Color:

Our finest & most premium Dab Rig Setup ever! Experience uncompromised perfection in every single detail of this Dabalicious kit - The StickyBox Pro E-Nail offers a completely intuitive temperature control solution paired with the outstanding purity, flavor and smoothness of the bestselling Nectar Dome Oil Rig. Wizard Puff's StickyBox Dab Rig Kit is equipped with everything you need right out-of-the-box - Elevate your aromatherapy experience to higher heights today and experience the control, purity and convenience of our industry leading arsenal.

StickyBox Pro Dab Rig Kit Includes:

  • 1 x StickyBox E-Nail Machine 

( Heating Coil, Power Cord, Travel Case & Remote Included)

Note: The Nectar Dome Oil Rig & StickyBox Pro E-Nail will not have Decals applied. Your kit includes 2 x Decals to place wherever you like! 




Customer Reviews

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Anonymous A. Anonymous
Great Value

The value in this kit is incredible. Not only is the price better than anything I have seen in stores the products themselves are absolutely top shelf. 5 Stars! Best E-Nail Kit

Dan W. D.W. Dan W.
Excellent Machine

Every part of WizardPuff's kit has been thought out and pieced together brilliantly. The E-Nail itself is rock solid in construction and functions flawlessly. The included Nectar Dome Dab Rig is comfortable, smooth and very tasty. The stickybox titanium nail allows for total flexibility that has allowed me to use the E-Nail with my whole glass collection. All around value and practicality. Great product, great shipping time and great customer service.

Cali Kush King C.K.K. Cali Kush K.

Tj H says it all in his review below. I have shopped around and used so many faulty budget enails before discovering WizardPuff's kit. This kit rocks, the value is phenomenal and the performance is flawless. If you have any respect for your shatter experience, BUY THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Peace, CKK

Med User M.U. Med U.
6 Stars!!

Absolute value for the dollar. Perfect enail setup and zero problems in 15 months. Built solid, functions great. Love the Nectar Dome Dab Rig. Big ups to WizardPuff for this kit. Best enail under $250 and you get the whole kit!

Tj H T.H. Tj H.
Stop looking elsewhere for enails!

Sep 21, 2015 I bought my first Sticky Box bundle from I never had an issue with that nail, period. It worked flawlessly, and is still working well today, in the hands of someone else. This last 4/20 I purchased my second Sticky Box from, but what did I do in between?

Bangers for a while, all difference shapes and sizes. I tried low and high temp, anything from ballpark 600 degrees to whatever we can declare "just red". It can grow very taxing on your wallet when the banger is too low in temp (wasted medication loss), and taxing on your wallet when the banger is too high as well (wasted medication vaporized).

So then I decided to try some other enails from companies that are much cheaper in cost, some domestic but mostly foreign. The issue was usually that they would burn out in a few months from bad soldering, or the PID would have an inaccurate temperature reading which would lead to inevitably not working any longer. I tried 4 more enails before I smartened up and went back to

In all honesty, don't bother looking elsewhere, take my word for it, this set up is perfect at 642 / 338 degrees. The nail fits the cap perfectly and that is a must! The unit is heated up in 30 seconds, and the travel case makes a great rig case for your on the go set up.