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Nugget Express Honey Bong by Wizard Puff (Sale)

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 Comfortable, beautiful and super smooth - The Nugget Express Honey Bong is outfitted with all the bells and whistles! Standing 12" tall, the Nugget Express is fully loaded and is equipped with 2-Stage Diffusion (Honeycomb Percolator Disk + 8-Arm Showerhead Diffuser) and a built in ice catcher. With a look that speaks for itself and an aromatherapy experience like no other - All aboard the Nugget Express!

1 x Female 18mm Bowl
1 x WizardPuff.com Decal
Note: The Nugget Express Honey Bong will not have WizardPuff.com Decals applied. Your kit includes 1 x Decals to place wherever you like! 

Customer Reviews

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Blake Hill B.H. Blake H.
This thing rips!!!

Wizardpuff never disappoints... this is the first glass price I've ordered from them. For the price and quality of this glass piece, it's a steal. This bong rips hard and is smooth through every pull. My buddy has a huge bong, but this little thing blows it out of the water. Definitely happy about this purchase. Anyone who buys won't be disappointed at all. Thank you wizard puff!

Jared M. J.M. Jared M.
Great piece

Great piece, this is the second glass piece I ordered from wizard puff and I'm very happy to say that it's an awesome bong. It hits nice every time and didn't disappoint.

Andrew R. A.R. Andrew R.
mine tipped over and broke.

mine tipped over and broke. but for the time I had it, it did its job as my daily driver.



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