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IMAG Plus 2.0

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WizardPuff.com is pleased to offer the all new IMAG Plus Vaporizer
featuring 3 temperature settings and an ultra inconspicuous pen profile! This ultra versatile device handles both
dry herb materials and concentrates.

The IMAG Plus is an intuitively simple device that is effortless to operate and entirely practical to transport.

An advanced electrothermal membrane allows the IMAG Plus to effectively heat materials evenly in its rustless iron baking chamber.

Simple, sexy and pure - The IMAG Plus is the World's greatest pen style vaporizer. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Blake B. Blake

    I have been using my new imag for about a week now and i couldn't be more satisfied. People compare this to tge flowermate but when it comes to functionality paired with awesome design and appearance the imag is the only option. Some reviews are saying the mouthpiece gets hot and this is not the case in my experience. It gets warm but not uncomfortably.. When the chamber is 400+ degrees its gonna be a little warm no matter how you design the thing.. no big deal. My favorite parts about this imag are the simple operation, sick looking design, and its ability to save me money by making small amounts of gerb go a LONG way! In my experience best results are had by loosely filling the chamber and not packing it at all, allows more airflow. Also shoutout to wizard puff support department for taking care of a poroblem with my order which was not their fault free of charge. Great product great customer service

    Jess J. Jess
    5 Stars

    great vaporizer & great price. very capable device in a very small form factor. Battery life is more than adequate for my needs and the vapor quality is excellent. No odors, just pure 420 bliss

    Ali A. Ali

    My vaporizer works perfectly and was shipped in a timely manner. Free stickers were included with my package. I have purchased vaporizers from wizardpuff before and the imag plus did not dissapoint. thank you

    KD K. KD
    Best price vape

    vape pen that really vapes and doesn't burn. so smooth and deals with shatter prefect too. The price is amazing. 5 Star product. cheers

    jerry.martinez.3154 j. jerry.martinez.3154


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