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HoneyStorm Water Pipe by Wizard Puff


WizardPuff.com is proud to offer its all new 15" HoneyStorm Bubbler.
Robustly crafted and thoughtfully designed, this exciting piece offers a direct injection stem,
dual percolation (Honeycomb + Hurricane percolator discs) and a built in ice catcher.
Elevate your aromatherapy experience today with our game changing arsenal.
1 x Male 18mm Bowl
1 x WizardPuff.com Decal

Customer Reviews

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Jarrett R. J.R. Jarrett R.
The first piece I received

The first piece I received had some flaws but I contacted wizard puff and they sent me out a new one ASAP really thick glass and they function like a charm worth way more money than what they are charging u have paid more for lesser quality pieces of glass

Richard C. R.C. Richard C.
One of the best water

One of the best water pipes I've ever had, such smooth rips.

Ben M. B.M. Ben M.
This thing rips so hard,

This thing rips so hard, I love it. It works good for both flower and concentrates and I highly recommend it. Inexpensive for the quality of it too, making it overall a great piece!

Fernando B. F.B. Fernando B.
First Piece from Wizard Puff

This bong is amazing, there are some bongs like this that go for $200. Not only that I also bought a quartz banger from here along with a silicon stash jar. All with $100, it came with fast, safe, and free shipping. Not only that there's countless discount codes that you can use, if you collect them for while you can get a pretty good discount. Now for the piece itself, the thing hits smooth AF, though if you only smoke herb it's gonna get dirty pretty quick. I invested in getting a perc/ash-catcher and weed still managed to get into the main piece. The glass is amazing feels like high quality glass, the piece is study even on carpet or a flimsy table. The Hurricane Disk adds a cool effect, aesthetically and function wise too. My piece didn't come broken or anything, the package came in discreetly and quickly. If you have any skepticism throw it away because this site is pretty fucking authentic, and if it comes broken you'll get an easy replacement. BTW this is my new main piece, and I completely love it

Samuel F. S.F. Samuel F.
Great piece for the money.

Great piece for the money.



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