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High-Q Beaker Bong by WizardPuff

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High-Q Beaker Bong by WizardPuff

The classic beaker - Reinvented.

The tried and true beaker bong has been a classic and effective glass design

that has withstood the test of time. Our Headshop experts took the classic

favourite and crafted a revolutionary new take that both stays loyal to its function

& aesthetics while undoubtedly delivering something, much more

Rock Solid Design.

Wrapped in thick 5mm glass head to toe, the High-Q Beaker is built to last.
Our innovative 2-Piece glass slide design dramatically reduces the potential of stem
breakage while also delivering the flexibility to swap bowls & nails! 

Innovation in Percolation.

Outfitted with a three prong ice pinch & WizardPuff's famous dual stage percolation system,
the High-Q Beaker is as smart as it is sexy! The standard 45 degree stem percolator
is paired with a low-resistance four arm tree perc. Our two stage design maintains
a low air resistance while delivering maximum filtration & cooling power!

Sexy, Comfortable & So Smooth.

You'll appreciate the gorgeous ultra smooth finish of the High-Q Beaker Bong by
WizardPuff. Professionally crafted in our glass studios,
every detail was scrutinized and perfected. The generously sized mouthpiece is
elegantly outfitted with a rolled glass bevel adding comfort
& an excellent seal when the bong is in use! 


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