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FlowerMate Vapor Rig Kit by Wizard Puff

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Wizard Puff is proud to offer the philosophy-inspired FlowerMate Vapor Rig Kit. This versatile aromatherapy package is the product of our core values coming together and piecing only the finest products in the world to achieve something truly out of this world. Vaporize, Combust or Dab - The FlowerMate Vapor Rig Kit gives you the tools to do it all with only the highest quality industry leading products. Brought to you by Wizard Puff Online Headshop & Vaporizer Superstore.

FlowerMate Vapor Rig Kit Includes:

Note: The Nectar Dome Oil Rig will not have WizardPuff.com Decals applied. Your kit includes 2 x Decals to place wherever you like! 



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John H. J.H. John H.
Love both products so much,

Love both products so much, the rig has great diffusion but still maintains really nice flavor, and makes a great daily driver piece. The flowermate is also great, an awesome on the the go vape.
But I was really blown away by their customer service, I had some issues with my first flowermate, but they replaced it and had the new one to me a few days later, and I've no problems since! 5 stars all around.

andrew99@mail.com a. andrew99@mail.com
A great deal on a

A great deal on a great product :)



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