Pneumatic & Manual Rosin Press For Sale

Botanical cannabis oil extraction is a booming new market worldwide! WizardPuff is dedicated to providing you industry leading rosin press tech solutions. Historically, producers have utilized closed loop extractors for larger extract production but recently solventless extraction has exploded in popularity.
A rosin press offers solventless extraction utilizing only heat and pressure allowing you to avoid any chemicals or solvent typically found in BHO extraction techniques. Rosin heat press extracting is much safer than the explosive nature of butane which is why it has become the do-it-yourselfer's go to method on how to make shatter without butane.
Our T-Rex is the best manual rosin press for beginners and its our recommended heat press on how to make dabs. For more serious extraction needs we also offer hydraulic rosin press machines that output big PSI numbers compared to our manual rosin press options. Whatever your extraction needs - big or small- we've got you covered.
If you're in the market for a cheap rosin press for sale - look no further! We carry a range of rosin press machines for any budget. Solventless extraction has never been more affordable. If you're asking how to make rosin - first you need say goodbye to solvents, butane honey oil (BHO) and the impurity and dangers of explosions with closed loop systems. Delicious freshly pressed dabs & shatter extracts are at your fingertips with our worldclass rosin tech machines. Outfitted with the best rosin press plates you'll be able to dial in on the perfect temp for low temperature extraction!
Canadians can get their press plates and rosin machines from the link here (Rosin Press Canada). Our machines and plates are the highest quality on the market and ensure that you'll have perfect temperature control and big options when it comes to pressure. Get the best concentrates and dabs by making your own brand of out-of-this-world extracts for the comfort of your own home!
To maximize pressing yields make sure that you're using the right micron bags and rosin press bags (90 Micron, 25 Micron & 115 Micron bag sizes are available). Our heat press machines are capable of extracting upwards of 45% yields - remember - quality in! quality out! Don't hesitate to ask us questions, we'd be happy to help you find the perfect rosin heat press for your extraction needs.