Nectar Dome Dab Rig by Wizard Puff

Wizard Puff

The Best Dab Rig Ever

Your Unbelievable Dab Rig Under $100

Compatible with BOTH Flowers & Shatter Oil / Dab Wax Right Out Of The Box!

"Maximum diffusion! This thing hits like a beast! One of my favorite pieces ... Guaranteed anybody who buys the Nectar Dome is gonna love it"


Your New Favorite Shatter Rig

Connoisseur Rig Design

You'll love your Nectar Dome's attention to detail from the extra-wide base for superb stability to the natural ease of its bent neck stem, all constructed with luxurious thick 3.2mm boro glass. Comfort absolute.

Rich, Creamy & Super Smooth

Two independently isolated diffusion chambers are each outfitted with gridded matrix percolators for unparalleled filtration - You'll taste heightened flavors and hit clouds smoother and silkier than you ever thought possible.

Ready For Anything

Enjoy Flowers or Concentrates with your Nectar Dome Combo Dab Rig - both accessories are included right out of the box! Standing 12" tall and built to the highest standards of performance, comfort and design - The Nectar Dome leads the race for the best dab rigs in the world.

Sold out

Nectar Dome Dab Rig Includes:

  • 1 x Nectar Dome Combo Dab Rig
  • 1 x 18mm Female Glass Dome & Quartz Nail
  • 1 x 18mm Female Glass Flower Bowl


  • 12" Tall
  • 3-5mm Thick Glass
  • Dual Chamber / Dual Matrix Percs
  • 18mm Male Joint (Accepts 18mm Female Bowls)

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews

SOLID glass piece. I have dropped it from 3 feet and no damage befell my rig. Cool, milky pulls. I have only used it for flower so far and have loved it. Cannot recommend this piece more.


Very smooth and clean draws everytime. Pretty easy to clean and very strong glass. Definitely would recommend this dab rig to anyone.

My Friends are jealous

Nector dome rig exceeded my expectations... when I opened it I wanted to just set it on a shelf for display. Pure classy sexiness! Smokes well and smooth! BUY IT!


Nectar Dome Dab Rig by Wizard Puff

Nectar Dome Dab Rig Plus accessories..

I would describe the Nectar Dome as an outstanding Rat Rod of dual matrix glass pieces...Not as refined as big brand names collectors editions of Stereo Matrix or Inline pieces that cost 3 or more times as much...Spoken from personal experience...
However, under the hood of the Nectar Dome lies functionality equal to or exceeding those pieces....smooth & very flavorful, built like a tank, easy to clean
and comes complete with excellent Dry Herb bowl and Quartz Nail & Dome....
The accessories offered are of high quality...Wizard Puff is now my "go to" glass vendor..Quality products at affordable prices... excellent post sale communication and swift well packed shipping.....Will buy from again....