WizardPuff GrowTech 300W LED Grow Light

Wizard Puff
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WizardPuff GrowTech 

Indoor Grow Series | 300W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Mega Growing Potential | Ultra Low Power Consumption

The Perfect Home Grow Light Solution

WizardPuff.com GrowTech is proud to offer its all new Full Spectrum 300W LED Grow Light.
Outfitted with 100 x 3 Watt Epistar LED Chips that deliver a whopping 300W of growing abundance
while consuming only ~90W of power!

LED Grow Lights are easily the best choice for beginner & intermediate growers.
Easy to setup & gentle on the electricity bill.
Get your green thumb on and start growing with WizardPuff GrowTech today! 


Full Spectrum Coverage for Super Growth

Our 300W LED Grow Lights are crafted & optimized to cover the full growing spectrum for maximum growing potential.
Plants grow by utilizing the energy from the various spectrums to facilitate its biological growth processes.
You need full spectrum so your plants are happy! 

WizardPuff GrowTech 300W LED Grow Light Spectrum Bands:

  • 430-440nm x 8 LED Chips
  • 450-470nm x 8 LED Chips
  • 620-630nm x 33 LED Chips
  • 660-670nm x 33 LED Chips
  • 6000K x 8 LED Chips
  • 3000K x 8 LED Chips
  • UV x 1 LED Chip
  • IR x 1 LED Chip

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality Fat Nugs

My grow did very well with the full spectrum light. Huge yield over HPS lights I replaced. Well worth the money. Lower electricity consumption while delivering larger nugs! A+