IMAG Pen (New)

$119.99 is pleased to offer the all new 2018 updated IMAG Pen (New)
featuring an ultra inconspicuous pen profile & impressive carbon styling!

The IMAG Pen is an intuitively simple device that is effortless to operate and entirely practical to transport.

An advanced electrothermal membrane allows the IMAG Pen to effectively heat materials evenly in its rustless iron baking chamber.

The classic pen shape makes this vaporizer incredibly easy to enjoy anywhere!

Simple, sexy and pure - The IMAG Pen is the World's greatest pen vaporizer! 


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    Solid Purchase

    Having had purchased an older model iMag, I already had a certain experience I was looking for.
    Appearance: Clean and subtle. The carbon fiber like appearance also gave it a sleek modern look. Straight forward.
    Handling: Handling felt natural. It does have a subtle appearance which means it's about the size of a large pen or marker. Fits in your pocket, pretty portable. Having an older model, I was expecting some weight to it but it's noticeably lighter than its predecessor. It's shape is thinner and shorter as well, as if the overall size of the older one was cut by a percentage, mouth piece included.
    Performance: Performance is up to par with the older models. The heating chamber is a bit more wider than narrow compared to the older model and warm up time is pretty fast. You get 4 minutes until the device automatically turns off which I've never found to be an issue to be too long or too short. I've never had a problem with the battery life, partly because I never really let my devices reach near death but I've gotten some time before next charge. The mouthpiece does tend to get warm as well as the heating chamber area of the pen but this was not an issue of major concern.
    There's only one thing about the pen that I didn't particularly like was the power button itself. The button felt loose and kinda cheap. Looking at it closely, the shiny chrome look appears to be painted on and looks like it could be worn off with frequent use. This however is not a deal breaker and despite how it feels, still functions well with the rest of the device.
    Overall review, its functional, sleek, and subtle and would definitely recommend.

    Where is it

    I would love to review it I haven't recd it!!!!! Way to long on shipping will make think about ordering from you agian


    I have not received my item


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