Nokiva Vaporizer

Wizard Puff
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Best Vaporizer Under $100 (2017)

Special Launch Price for a limited time only.

Sexy, sophisticated and deliciously smooth -

Nokiva has it all. 

Simple one handed operation makes the Nokiva
easy to use and even easier to take on the go.


Pure & delicious vapor is produced
via the ceramic baking oven with a fully adjustable airflow.


Battery life & temperature control is shown
in real time on an ultra low profile OLED display. 

Everything you want. Nothing you don't.'s recommended vaporizer.




Customer Reviews

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This product alleviates me from using paper and tobacco wrappers so I enjoy my dry herb and its purest form.

Nokiva Vaporizer

Pretty compact, user friendly, serves purpose well!

Great vaporizer, amazing value, fragile accessories

The Nokiva is by far the best value portable vaporizer on the market, hands down. Great build quality, temp adjustment by the single degree in C or F, OLED digital screen, 20 second heat-up time, and a bunch of included accessories, including a carrying case, cleaning brush, two mouthpieces, and more.

That said, the accessories are fragile and very breakable. On the first day of use, I removed the Nokiva from my hoodie pocket and as I did, the glass mouthpiece fell off and the screen portion broke and landed in a grass lawn, never to be found again. Glass draw stem is now useless, and I now have to buy a replacement. The smaller mouthpiece works fine, but because it's smaller, it gets crazy hot.

Overall, a strong recommendation. Buy this vape!

Dank Vape dude

so it has now been 3 weeks of owning this vaporizer and i have now decided to leave a review after some heavy vape shesh's with my home girls. I'm impressed at how fast it is at getting to the desired temp setting, i set mine for 420 F (ikr 420 blaze it!) and you reach that temperature in under 3minutes. Weed is never burnt after usage always comes out a nice golden brown and the vape you get is very clean. First time i used it i had my phone ready to take a video of a huge cloud from my first drag and got jack all for smoke, luckily it stays at desired temperature for 5 mins!!! so i hit that shit for five mins and realized it was working just fine cause i was wrecked once it shut off. Comes with two mouth pieces but it doesn't take long to figure out that you can only use the one mouth piece cause if your constantly hauling on that thing the mouth piece gets absurdly hot! but they have a secondary mouth piece with a long stem and then you dont burn your lips off. The battery is shit. thats my only complaint. at 420F i can probs use it 6-7 times. But its not that huge of a problem cause there is a digital display showing battery life so when u see it low you can charge it so it dont die on you during vaping. I'm giving it 4 stars just cause battery isn't the greatest and it doesnt come with wall charger. Other then that im very happy about it :) Vape on my friends vape on.

Great vape!

This vape has been the best purchase I have done in a while! Do not let the price discourage you from purchasing this product. The vapor quality it produces is outstanding for its size!