Novae Vaporizer Review

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"We're totally blown away. Seriously, you need to buy this right now!" 

WizardPuff's #1 Best Vaporizer (2018) 

  • Full Metal Body Construction
  • 100% Swappable Battery Functionality
  • One Button Operation & 5 Temperature Settings
  • Smart LED Indicators: Battery Life & Temperature
  • Isolated Vapor Path & Premium Glass Stem
  • Wide Load Dry Herb Chamber 
  • Full Ceramic Vaporization Chamber
  • Multipurpose Vaporizer: Dry Herb / Wax / Oil 

Build Quality & Design (5/5) 

The Novae boasts a 100% metal body and is built like a rock. Not only is it solid, its tiny! Fits perfectly in any palm yet boats literally every single feature you could want from a premium vaporizer. Handsome design pairs with great durability and practicality - the body venting offers up great grip and the battery bay is built to impeccable standards of manufacturing. Seriously, the Novae Vaporizer is built perfectly. 

Function & Ease of Use (5/5)
One button operation and super simple functionality earned the Novae Vaporizer perfect marks in this category. In the vaporizer industry, five button presses means on and hold for three seconds  to cycle through temperature settings is standard! Absolutely so simple to use with no frills whatsoever. The 5 LEDs offer up battery life, chamber heating and temperature setting. Fantastic.

Practicality & Features (5/5)

Again, perfect marks here. Palm sized design, metal body, swappable batteries, isolated airpath, ceramic chamber, multi-temps etc. etc. etc. the Novae Vaporizer is insanely fully featured with everything you want and nothing you don't. No gimmicks here, just incredibly smart design packed into an unbelievable package. This is literally without a doubt, the most feature rich device in the smallest form factor that we've ever come across. 

Vapor Quality & Draw (4.5/5)

The Novae's Isolated airpath offers up very low draw resistance and packs a huge cloud of vapor! Where it loses marks is in the filter design that eventually get clogged after 2-3 weeks of regular use without cleaning. Still, you'll get huge clouds but with a tighter draw resistance. The tradeoff is that the smart filter designs allows for super easy access for cleaning, so be diligent! The glass mouthpiece is a nice touch, the flavor is pure and the vapor is not too hot. The device itself warms up a bit, but the all metal design with side finning allows for better cooling than seen in many other portable vaporizer designs. 


The Novae Vaporizer is the most standout portable vaporizer in its price category to date. The design, features and practicality of the Novae device have crushed our previous champions: FlowerMate V5.0S & Nokiva Vaporizer! As it stands now, the Novae Vaporizer is the best portable vaporizer of 2018! Cheers!