You're reading this right now because you've been following all the hype. The FIERCE dry herb vaporizer from the makers of Healthy Rips is being released for August 2018 and we couldn't be more excited. A perfect combination of both convection and conduction heating, The FIERCE Vaporizer has to be one of the most interesting hybrid vaporizers on the market this year to date. 

Healthy Rips has been developing The FIERCE for about half a year and needless to say, it features some major improvements from the already much loved FURY 2. Somewhat still the same vape, these adjustments play a major role in the overall advancements to the newest addition to their vaporizer lineup. 

Will this join the perspective line up of vapes for the 'Best Vaporizer of 2019'? Let's dive in and get on with my review of the FIERCE Vaporizer by Healthy Rips.


Fierce Vaporizer Review

The FURY 2 is one of our #1 Vapes of 2018

Healthy Rips FIERCE vs. FURY 2

A Side-by-Side Comparison.

Bigger, Better & Removable Battery

Heavier and larger in size, compared the the FURY 2, the FIERCE vaporizer boasts double the battery power with a hefty removable and rechargeable 4050mah battery.  Healthy Rips has tested and claimed that this vape has a whopping 120 minutes of run time with a single charge - even on the max temperature of 430° F.  Instead of employing the usual 18650mah battery that most vapes utilize, the FIERCE uses a battery pack with Lithium Polymer batteries (or LiPom) soldered into the battery circuitry - resulting in a super customer friendly replaceable battery.  Resulting in higher user capabilities - a singular battery problem simply needs to be swapped out instead of replacing an entire vaporizer unit.  And don't worry, Healthy Rips sells replacement batteries and accessories for the FIERCE Vaporizer at an extremely affordable price. 


Fierce Vaporizer vs Fury 2


Improved OLED Screen

Much easier to read than before, the OLED screen on the FIERCE is much clearer and brighter than the original screen of the FURY 2.  I personally love that the screen has doubled in size (great for fellow glasses wearers) while beautifully showcasing the necessary control panel of the battery life, temperature and time left in your session.  


Fierce Vs. Fury 2


Way. MORE. Convection

If you're a vaporizer fiend like myself, you're well aware that pure convection heating chambers are what separates good vapes from GREAT vapes. That's because convection heating is a much more efficient method of heat transfer than conduction - resulting in a faster and more even heat up time. Healthy Rips is openly marketing the FIERCE Vaporizer as a "Convection Technology Vaporizer" as it has a 33% larger baking chamber while also utilizing less radiant and conductive heating than the FURY 2. Meaning, the FIERCE will heat up quicker than before and be able to vaporize your herb evenly and smooth.


Hyper New USB-C Charging Capabilities

USB-C is ultra-new charging technology for charging vaporizers and is another stand out feature of this vaporizer. Being USB-C compatible allows the FIERCE to charge ultra-fast compared to the antiquated charging method of the 'plain-old' Micro USB of the FURY 2.  The only downside to using USB-C is that it's not yet a commonly used charging method. Meaning, if you're out and in need of a charge, and you've forgotten your cable, you may be out of luck. All worse-case-scenarios aside, the FIERCE charges ultra FAST. Healthy Rips has stated that it only take Just Under 2 Hours from dead to full charge. Personally, this is a total win for me as I constantly juice my vapes and always appreciate a last minute battery jump. 


Fierce Vaporizer Review


 New Sleek Glass Mouthpiece

Everyone can appreciate the satisfaction of a magnetic slide-on mouthpiece and The FIERCE does not disappoint. The brand new all-glass mouthpiece fits directly into the oven - resulting in better convection. It features an amazing mouthfeel and an easy draw allowing you comfortably rip a big clouds vapor. If your feeling nostalgic and love how you puff on your FURY 2, don't worry, The FIERCE still comes with the standard but well crafted plastic mouthpiece. 

Fierce Vaporizer Review


My Final Thoughts: 

  • Heftier than the FURY 2, the FIERCE has an impressive battery life as well as a rapid recharge time
  • The updates to the usability on the screen make it even easier to operate and monitor your session
  • Heats up in 30 seconds or less! 
  • The replaceable battery is a huge win for me. You can always pack a back up battery and the overall life of the vape itself is longer lasting as a dead or broken battery is most likely the cause of a dead vaporizer
  • The glass stem creates delicious cool vapor making for a comfortable vaping session

I thoroughly enjoyed testing out The FIERCE and found it to be the better, faster & stronger sibling to the FURY 2.  Though somewhat similar to it's counterpart, the differences in this vape truely set it apart from the pack. 


🇨🇦 The FIERCE Vaporizer is Only Available for our Canadian Shoppers

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More Specs on The FIERCE Vaporizer

Size: 2.75" X 1.1" X 3.25"
Weight: 10 Ounces
Chamber Capacity: .25 - .29 grams



  • Convection Technology
  • Isolated Air Path
  • Digital OLED Screen
  • Exact Temperature Control - single degree increments
  • Kirksite Alloy Body (unibody).
  • USB-C Charging 2A
  • USB-C Charging Dock 2A (optional)
  • 4000 mAh Battery - safe Lithium Polymer (LiPo)
  • User replaceable battery
  • Fast heat-up time: 25-30 seconds
  • Long battery life: 110-120 minutes runtime per charge at maximum temperature 430° F
  • Accessories Attachment
  • Borosilicate Glass stems for Accessories Attachment - Mouthpiece and WPA
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • Adjustable session timer from 3-8 minutes
  • Haptic feedback - vibrates when turned on and when reaches temperature
  • Set degree display between C and F
  • Replaceable battery door (in case of damage or loss)
  • Large glass vapor path - very cool vapor
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Protective Cover
  • Just over 2 hours to fully charge from completely dead
  • Run-time per battery charge: 112-120 minutes at max temperature 430° F



  • Accessories Attachment
  • Glass WPA - borosilicate
  • Glass Mouthpiece - borosilicate
  • Protective Cover - silicone (same design as the FURY 2)
  • Dosing Capsules
  • Oil & Wax Pad - stainless steel
  • Standard tools and brush
  • Extra O-rings and screen
  • User Manual

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