FlowerMate Mini Vaporizer Official Review
The all new, ultra small FlowerMate Mini Vaporizer is a fantastic new addition to the Wizard Puff lineup of world class devices!
After extensive use and real life applications, I can firmly say that the FlowerMate Mini hits a mark that no other vaporizer has before.
The FlowerMate Mini is the stealthiest vaporizer I've ever used!  The Mini is a no fuss device that functions extremely well
and can be entirely hidden in the palms of your hands.
FlowerMate brand vaporizers have become world renowned for high quality design and flawless functionality. 
Of course, the FlowerMate Mini is no exception. The device feels great!
The full metal body construction and high quality components make for a premium machine that is both aesthetic and ergonomic. 
The FlowerMate Mini is amazingly small, lightweight and robustly constructed. 
5/5 (No complaints at all!)
Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency
Three temperature settings allow the user to get the most out of their material by starting low and ending high.
Draw resistance is minimal and enjoyable. The vapor quality is fantastic and is at par with the FlowerMate V5.0S.
All in all, the FlowerMate Mini offers good herb efficiency and great vapor quality.
4/5 (Good overall performance.)
What makes the FlowerMate Mini so special is its ridiculously practical size. 
Never has there been a vaporizer so advanced in such a micro form factor. 
The Mini is effortless to operate, is charged via Micro USB (super convenient!) and can even double as a power bank for your phone!
All in all the Mini functions just as beautifully as the best selling FlowerMate V5.0S Vaporizer
whilst being able to offer absolute stealth. Everyone should own a Mini
for those special undercover occasions or as a world class backup device!
This is the device to purchase if discreetness is a necessity. 
$120 is a good value for the FlowerMate Mini.
This device is rock solid, effortless to operate and fully featured.
The power bank capabilities of the Mini make it worthy of its price tag.
Final Verdict
The FlowerMate Mini is hands down my go-to option when discreetness is necessary.
I bring this device with me when I'm out and about city night life or simply traveling light.
Ultra practical and ultra small I highly recommend the FlowerMate Mini as an on-the-go vaporizer
or world class back up device.
- Mr. Puff