X-MAX V2 Vaporizer Official Review
Only the very best devices in the world make the cut onto Wizard Puff shelves and the X-MAX V2 is
truly a great fit to our product lineup. I'm super excited to be reviewing the all new,
fully featured X-MAX V2 Vaporizer; This slick little device has all the features
of the Arizer Air at less than one third of the cost. Wow.
A great way to describe the X-MAX V2 is "Fat Free". This fully featured vaporizer is built
similarly to a flashlight and offers an inconspicuous and stealthy tubular construction with zero wasted space.
Everything is rock solid on the device and the threads are skillfully machined and smooth.
I literally have no complaints about the design and it hits the perfect mark for me.
Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency
I was initially concerned that the 5 temperature settings would not be accurate and fluctuate as the price point
seemed to good to be true...I was wrong. I am thoroughly impressed by the temperature accuracy
and consistency of the X-MAX V2. Herb Efficiency is incredible. This device outperforms both the IMAG Plus
FlowerMate V5.0S in terms of Herb Efficiency; All five temperature settings are absolutely accurate and useful and offer 
complete extraction of active ingredients from your material. I can't say that the Vapor Quality is outstanding though.
Don't expect lung-full vapor hits as the draw is very slow and strained on this device.
The FlowerMate & IMAG+ still offer the superior clouds.
4/5 (Near Perfect Efficiency but Only Moderate Vapor Quality)
The X-MAX V2 Vaporizer is easy to operate, slim and portable.
Its replaceable batteries offers the user unlimited battery life (simply pack fully charged spares).
Standard Micro USB Charging further makes this device even more practical for on-the-go use.
All in all, theres not a single reason that I can come up with why this device is not 100% practical.
The X-MAX V2 is ideal for at-home use as well as on-the-go portability.
$80 is an outstanding price for the X-MAX V2 Vaporizer.
I 100% recommend the X-MAX V2 ($80) over the similarly designed and grossly overpriced Arizer Air Vaporizer ($259).
The X-MAX V2 is a highly advanced device that is seriously redefining the cost and value of devices within the industry.
5/5 (Best Value Vaporizer Hands Down.)
Final Verdict
I love the X-MAX V2. Its right up there with the FlowerMate V5.0S & IMAG+ Vaporizers which
are two devices that I have stood behind 110%. I view the X-MAX V2 as a practical
connoisseur's tool that is versatile, portable and robust. I think this device is best suited
for individuals who liked to geek out a bit to their sessions and have total control. 
If you're down to get medicated effortlessly and fast, I'd still tell you to go with the IMAG+ or FlowerMate V5.0S.
- Mr. Puff