GOBOOF Alfa Vaporizer Official Review
The immediate standout quality of the Alfa Vaporizer by Goboof is its tiny size. The Goboof Alfa vaporizer is hands down the most stealth portable vaporizer option available and is the most compact design I've seen to date. Ultra inconspicuous and lightweight, the Alfa Vaporizer is a sneaky little machine that you'll be able to bring with you just about anywhere. Where the design is outstanding, the vapor quality and efficiency severely lack. Check out my thoughts below.
Everything feels premium and highly thought out. The Alfa's first-in-industry rotating-selection-dial is a true symbol of great design philosophy and is a very easy feature to appreciate. The heating chamber is located at the base of the device and is very ruggedly built and smartly designed. The Alfa is easily concealed in the grip of your hand and can be operated solely with your thumb. The Alfa's design is fantastic all around.
(Effortless operation, smart design and premium design features that work as advertised)
Vapor Quality / Herb Efficiency
Unfortunately, the Alfa is not outstandingly efficient and its vapor quality is actually pretty awful. Both the  FlowerMate V5.0S and the IMAG Plus produce better quality and more consistent clouds of vapor (and retail for less than half). The Alfa's ultra short rubber mouthpiece makes the user have to pucker their lips to inhale vapor properly and leads to a very tight draw that is not too enjoyable. Material is loaded in the heating chamber at the base of the Alfa and consequently leads to a long vapor pathway that makes the user have to pull really hard to get a puff.  Overall, I couldn't recommend the Alfa as a vaporizer that produced premium quality vapor comparatively to the Arizer Solo or the Crafty Vaporizer.
(Below Average Performance)
The Goboof Alfa Vaporizer is the most compact and easy to operate device I have ever had the pleasure to use. Its size and operation means that its a device that can fit into any situation and into any lifestyle, for any occasion. The battery on the Alfa is average and offers 30-40mins of vape time, which is to be expected given its incredibly small profile. I consider the Alfa to be a speciality device aimed towards the super active and towards individuals who require total discreetness from their vaporizer.
 (Battery life is average)
The Alfa Vaporizer is a device that retails for $200.
It is incredibly well built and features fantastic and smart design elements that I really appreciated.
However, the vapor quality and herb efficiency is severely lacking especially at its premium price point.
If you're looking for something premium, suck it up and buy a $400 Crafty instead (You will never need to buy another portable device again, ever)
Overall, the Goboof Alfa is not a device I would recommend for its value considering that there are better options available.
(Still recommend the IMAG PlusFlowerMate V5.0S over this device in all aspects)
Final Verdict
The Alfa Vaporizer is a very solid machine that boasts a cool factor that not many vaporizers have.
The Alfa was designed for highly active commuters and outdoors enthusiasts and I believe that it hit that mark in terms of design very well.
All in all, I was super disappointed by the vapor quality of the Alfa and consequently cannot highly recommend this device.
- Mr. Puff