Wuddup y'all! Today I'm going over my own personal BIG THREE requirements when it comes to choosing the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer for you! This guide is super simplistic as it should be. As human beings, we have enough stress as it is and over the years I've effectively made and implemented a three step breakdown to help you buy pretty much any product!

Using my three step process, heres how I effectively chose the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer for myself.

Vapor Quality

This is the first thing you gotta look at when it comes to choosing your perfect dry herb vaporizer. Straight up, check out whatever reviews you can find on the products you're interested in and ensure that the vapor quality is adequate for you. Keep it simple. I prefer a light and Airy Vapor that is not too dense. These were the products that could produce my desired vapor quality: MFLB, PAX, FlowerMate Vapormax-V, HEBE Titan 2 and the Arizer Solo. Lets narrow it down even more.

If you were shopping for a camera for example, you would just make sure the image quality was adequate. If you were shopping for a coffee grinder you would make sure the grinds were up to your standards etc.

Function / Ease of Use

So boom! The devices you're looking at all meet your Vapor Quality requirements, now lets slim down our choices by scrutinizing their ease-of-use / functionality. Finding your perfect product is always chalked up to preference. Whatever your preference is, make it a simple yes or no requirement to help narrow down your list. My requirement for functionality was this: I want a device that has no frills operation and is very simple to use (My favourite desktop vaporizer is the Volcano Digit because prefer simplicity over useless features).

  • I crossed the MFLB off my list because of the external battery and glass stem accessory. I don't like putting a bunch of pieces together to get a session going. I prefer devices with as little moving parts as possible.
  • Every thing else stayed because they were easy to operate and didn't seem finicky.


The most important of my big three requirements! Practicality. My concept of practicality is whether or not a product is designed in a way that encourages me to use it as often as practically possible. Will I happily want to use this product in a variety of settings? Practicality is the most important purchase factor of any product in my opinion because why buy a product if you're not going to use it?! Factors that affect practicality are: Pocket-ability, Discreetness, Battery Life, Physical Design and of course, Price! 

  • Right off the bat the Arizer Solo got cut. The unit offered simple functionality and great Vapor Quality but was entirely impractical to use often. The Solo is huge and clunky, has a mouth piece that sticks out like a sore thumb and did not fit in my pocket at all. 
  • Next the PAX got cut. The $249.99 price tag makes this unit totally impractical compared to the FlowerMate and Titan 2 Vaporizers which both retail at less than half of the PAX retail price. The FlowerMate has DOUBLE the battery life of the PAX and retails at HALF the cost.  Bye bye PAX.
  • And finally, I decided on the FlowerMate Vapormax-V over the HEBE Titan-2 for the simple reason that it had huge battery life and a more pocketable design; both factors that make the FlowerMate a super practical option for my day to day lifestyle
The FlowerMate has been my daily portable ever since and is the perfect portable vaporizer for me! The price was right, its performance was simple as heck (one button folks) and the vapor quality was spot on. I hope my guide helps you with any of your purchasing decisions in the near future. You can buy the FlowerMate and the HEBE Titan 2 from my links below. 
Buy the FlowerMate Vapormax-V
Buy the HEBE Titan 2 Vaporizer
- Mr. Puff