HEBE Titan-II Vaporizer Review

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By Mr. Puff

The amazing people at Wizard Puff have been seriously spoiling me with stuff to review... Fresh from the factory I had the pleasure of using, abusing and scrutinizing the heck out of the brand new HEBE Titan-II (Titan 2) portable dry herb vaporizer. I am incredibly happy at how fast dry herb vaporizers are advancing; products are getting better and better and better. The HEBE Titan-II, did not disappoint. At an incredible price point the HEBE Titan-II is offering users fully adjustable Temperature Control (200°F-428°F)! The HEBE Titan is arguably the best in value portable device available for this feature alone. I'm very happy to report to you guys that the Temperature Control works, and it works well. You can buy the Titan 2 HERE.


Physical Impressions: 

The Titan-II Vaporizer sports a square body design and features a very practical and durable matte rubberized skin. The HEBE Titan-II is ever so slightly thicker than the popular PAX Vaporizer but all in all had no issues with being pocketable. The mouth piece is made of a very durable plastic and is a pleasant shape and design. Everything on the HEBE Titan feels solid and durable. The LCD screen has slight back light illumination but is pretty much plain jane other than that. No complaints!

  • HEBE Titan 2 Vaporizer | Expect a solid built-to-last device with a very practical rubber skin

Function and Ease of Use:

What is most exciting about the Titan-II is how amazing the Adjustable Temperature Control performs as it is a high end feature being offered at a very incredible price point. To use the the device, turn it on by pressing the main button 5 times. The device is on and standing by for the user's desired temperature. Select a temperature with the two adjustment buttons (temperature will display on the LCD). Find your temp, hold down the main button for 3 seconds and the Titan-II will begin to heat up. Watch the now illuminated LCD to see the rising temperature. 

The Titan-II heats up fast! Seeing the rising temperature on the LCD takes the guessing out of wait time during heating. The HEBE Titan 2 vapes like a dream. The vapor draw is silky smooth and airy. I would even say that the vapor is more pleasant with the Titan-II than the newly super popular FlowerMate Vaporizers. The temperature control feature of the Titan-II is going to make a lot of vapers all over the world very happy. I am totally satisfied with function of the HEBE Titan-II Vaporizer. This brand new device is proof of how incredible portable vaporizers are advancing.


The Titan 2 is a slim style vaporizer much like the PAX. It is very well made and has a very reassuring ruggedness that makes me want to bring it with me everywhere. In a day of use, one full battery charge lasted me 6 full vape sessions! Pocketable, beautiful and capable of creating delicious vapor I have to say this device rocks! We are seriously spoiled with this years epic release of both the FlowerMate Vapormax-V and the HEBE Titan-II Vaporizer. Connoisseurs all around the world have more options than ever before with these amazing new products. Never has there been better value in the Vaporizer market. In closing, if you're an individual who wants customizable temperature control, the HEBE Titan-II is absolutely right for you. If you want something with great battery life then I would say go with the FlowerMate. Both are amazing devices that are quickly going to revolutionize the way we vape.

Ow! Ow! She comes in red too...